Luck: Can you create it?

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a lone billionaire

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New Release in Online Story : A Lone Billionaire

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Self Development

  • Luck: Can you create it?

      LUCK Be Proactive instead of Reactive! Step 1: Read yourself Question: Are your thoughts relevant to your purpose? Response:   If they are relevant,...

  • 10 Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones

        Even in the fictional world, the reality of human character remains perennial  It is but the Game of thrones, where the wild beasts...


Story : A Lone Billionaire

Well-groomed, sartorially elegant, shrewdly witty, and selfishly altruistic, Adi, pretending to spread his virile effulgence, fights the crest and ebbs of the Indian start-up world to finally become a billionaire.

After conquering the challenges that life has put him through, Adi faces his real enemy, not the one external to him but the one within his mind. Read along the story of this billionaire in his own words...

Blog: 10 Leadership Lessons from Game of Thrones

The shrewdness of Tyrion, the schemes of Lord Baelish, the wise yet shrewd Varys, and the virile Stark, each has/had a strong role to play in the famous Game of Thrones.

In his POV approach, George R.R. Martin has concealed prescient and important leadership lessons that are relevant even in real life.

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